Reza’s Online Newspaper and Digital Media Club

Infographic made in March 2018 by a high school student working with Reza during a Newspaper and Digital Media Club run in Providence, RI.

Welcome to the “Online Newspaper and Digital Media Club” created by writer, artist, educator and “cultural savant” Reza Clifton. Here you will learn about and have access to curricular materials, resources, and tips if you’d like to start a news or digital media program in your school or organization. In addition, this blog is meant to serve those working in or looking for alignment with school and community-based English Language Arts content, STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) offerings and extensions, and “Mixed Media” and multimedia arts instruction. As a candidate in the Masters in Urban Teaching program at Providence College, Reza also created this page as part of a capstone project in one of her courses: “EDU 663, Student-Centered Learning”

This page and website will be updated with additional materials, links, statistics, project ideas, etc., but for now it is meant to reflect and archive the practices and resources delivered during a program offering for middle school students led by Reza in February and March, 2018. It also contains materials that have been co-authored by high school students and other educator-collaborators with whom Reza has worked over the years, though the majority has been authored and adapted directly by Reza.

Session numbers are approximate and more dependent on the students in front of you, the structure within which you teach, and the standards you are asked to cover. As far as standards, in the section dedicated to the final classes in this unit or program, I’ve provided links to the expectations and objectives prescribed by RI Department of Education, Common Core Standards, and the National Council of Teachers of English. On the other hand, listed in each cluster of lessons and days, besides tips for ELA, STEM, and Art-alignment is a set of “hints” and notes that highlight what I have done, and what other practitioners can do, to provide or enhance Student-Centered Learning (SCL) techniques in their classrooms and organizations. Click on the graphics below or on the subpages for a glance at and access to¬†worksheets, special notes about content alignment, links to copies of standards, SCL Tips, and more.

Resources for Sessions 1-3: Getting to Know Each Other and The Subject Matter at Hand


Resources for Sessions 4-6: Developing Baseline Skills, Metacognition and More


Resources for Sessions 7-9: Supporting Student-Led Inquiry, Exploration, Innovation and Collaboration


Resources for Sessions 10-12: Alignment to Skills and Time for Reflection