Welcome To Teaching is the New Black: Resources and Thoughts for Those Teaching Inside Schools, and Outside Too

The blog “Teaching is the New Black” was created by writer, artist, educator and “cultural savant” Reza “Rites” Clifton.

Reza has been recognized for multimedia projects that appeared on her first blog, for radio and podcast programs she’s produced, and for leadership as a community organizer and contributor (DJ, curator, director) to the music and art scene in RI and New England. As an educator, Reza has worked as a High School English Teacher, Middle School Creative Writing Instructor, and as an Art and Digital Storytelling Teacher in schools, community settings and conferences –locally and nationally.

As a writer, Reza has worked professionally in print and digital journalism, fund development, and marketing, as well as, personally and artistically, producing poetry, prose and short stories for close to three decades. In 2017 alone, she gave the closing performance at the Women’s Rally that was held in RI simultaneously with the mobilization held in DC, and she earned a nomination for Best Spoken Word Artist in RI. In both fiction and nonfiction spaces, she frequently addresses topics like racial and social justice, nature and natural beauty, intersectional feminism, romantic and radical love, and strategies for confronting negative experiences and emotions.

Reza is currently enrolled in the dual Teacher Certification Prep and Masters in Urban Teaching program at Providence College, This blog currently reflects course and curriculum work from/for two of her classes:

Reza’s Online Newspaper and Digital Media Club / EDU 663: Diversity Seminar: Student-Centered Learning



Reading and Writing Poetry to Become Better Readers and Writers  / EDU 792: Principles of Secondary Education